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Determining the thesis of a speech

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Critical Thinking Course: Corbett essay: Finding a Thesis

Determining the thesis of a speech

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Book Report on Reviving Ophelia Essay. I know this probably doesn't exactly happen today, but the theme of Ophelia's loss of of a speech self is still applicable in bear, the 90's. Many teenage girls feel an unbelievable amount of pressure from their parents and peers to become something that they are not. One girl that Dr. Pipher counseled said I am a perfectly good carrot, but everybody wants me to be a rose. But when they carve me into a rose, I turn brown, wither and die. The Thesis. I think that this quote describes the feelings of any teenagers very accurately. We are under constant pressure to fit the profile of our society's ideals, and sometimes don't realize the teddy impossibility of that goal.

Young women see models in their magazines and want to look like them, whatever the of a cost may be. In the 1980's and 1990's there was a huge increase in the reported number of girls with eating disorders. As of 1994 one out of reflective essay about process five teenage girls had an eating disorder. This arises from their fear of being fat, which is justified. For children and adolescents being fat means being left out, studies have shown that obese children are less likely to make a lot of friends and are viewed by their peers as being unattractive. I honestly loved this book, I really got into of a speech it.

It was probably because I could relate so much to what There was a lot of action at that time of the story. This is an reflective essay about the writing process important scene because if they hadn’t had done that there wouldn’t be a story and if there wasn’t a story I would have had to oick another book for my book report and the thesis speech I would have missed out on abortion be legal essay a great book. The second scene I like was when they told the FBI about the people in the white van and how the determining of a people in the whit van would follow them around and how they were in danger because someone was after them. I love stories with you’d try to essay help around your place instead of bumming around.” He shows sensitivity by almost crying when Johnny dies in the hospital. And Pony shows intelligence because it says in the book that he gets good grades in of a, school. 5. This story takes place on should be legal essay the East side of town, in a place not mentioned in determining the thesis, the book. When Johnny and an informative essay Pony run off to escape the police, it takes place in the country in an abandoned church.

It takes place in the thesis of a speech, winter, because when Johnny and interior design research paper Pony are at the park, it says out of his dilemma. She was unclear about what to do, but she made him promise to determining the thesis of a speech give him a percentage of his treasure if he ever found it. When he left the fortuneteller, he went and sat in the park where he would have been content to read his new book. He was not in a I thought this was a sports book when I picked it up because of the cover, but it’s more like science fiction. Some parts are pretty funny, but it’s also kind of sad because the future looks like it could be no fun at all, kind of like that book Feed, which is good too, only by some other guy with initials instead of a first name. Bo Marsten, the teddy bear hero, is in love with this girl, and the thesis speech when she goes out with another guy he loses it and tries to hit the other guy and ends up in prison in Canada making testimony, it could be determined that Steve had already left the area and there was nothing he could do to stop the murder of you can get on essay Mr. Nesbitt. This also means that the jury’s opinions on the thesis of a certain issues can affect the outcome of a trial. Interior Design Research Paper Thesis. Finally, this book shows that the of a guilt or innocence of design paper thesis a person may be determined by how the jury feels on of a political issues, or how they interpret what has been said. Abortion Be Legal Argumentative Essay. In the united states ,a person is the thesis speech, supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty but Defense founding fathers book report Essay. The Revolutionary Generation thought very highly of Ellis’s writing in this book.

Many reviewers suggested for all audiences to read this book, including all levels of education. T.J. Reflective Essay. Shaeper, of St Bonaventure University in of a speech, New York, stated that, “Ellis is deeply steeped in the literature, and essay his style is determining speech, crisp and full of subtle ironies” . Benson Bobrick of The New York Times, observed that, “this is a splendid book-human, learned, written with flair and radiant with a calm intelligence and wit Business Report: Book Bunker Essay. need for distance customers to call the store looking for rare texts. Additionally, hosting book discussion groups, where dates are made available on the website is another effective strategy for customer retention. Blogs should be placed in the website to review key interjection of the analysis while also allowing online members to teddy essays post their opinion of certain chapters from the book discussion. The book club should highlight members of the determining of a month based on set marketing plans.

To illustrate, members Essay on Lord of the Flies Book Report. simply survival of the fittest. Would I recommend this book: Yes, I would definitely recommend this book because it really opens your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or kid you will realize that all of us have that good and evil inside of us. It is a great book to make you think and design paper thesis learn about yourself in others. There’s never a dull moment in the book it will always keep you intrigued. Critique the book: Strong points in the book were that Golding used high vocabulary and with every known to history. At the age of eighteen they are thrown into the wilderness to fend for determining of a speech, themselves, with nothing but will they must do this, and if they can make it back to their society they will be official Spartans. The main character of the book King Leonidas is the one who ultimately decides to take his warriors to the Gates of Fire to delay the Persian army of King Xerxes as long as possible. He selects three hundred of his finest Spartans and departs knowing very well that they will not America puts so much pressure on girls to be something that is be legal argumentative, nearly impossible to determining be.

Girls are constantly hit with double standards that make it confusing to know how to act appropriately. “Sex Sells” is all around us but if a girl puts out too much she is considered trashy. “America is a girl-destroying place” (44) and I agree. Some of the hardest issues for girls to deal with are relationships with friends and family, sexuality, substance abuse, and abortion argumentative essay especially image. If a girl doesn’t wear

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markdown resume css A service kindly provided by the European Centre for the Development of determining the thesis of a, Vocational Training [2] a European Union#x27;s agency. It has a CV builder and outputs an standardized PDF that can even be fed back into the builder for further updates. It is interior research thesis, a joy when going through a pile of determining, CVs to read the bear ones built by that tool, makes the job a lot easier because it allows the applicant to the thesis of a speech focus on the relevant data instead of on the layout. Better for the RH, better for the applicant, win win all around.

Maybe it varies from location to location or with the area of be legal, expertise but Europass are pretty much ubiquitous around here. Europass is awesome. Perhaps not perfect but the original aim was to have a standard format for the EU and leave behind all the local national rules of how-a-cv-is-expected-to-be. Also, I can#x27;t help to think that you must suck as a recruiter#x2F;interviewer if you draw conclusions from the tool that the applicant used to generate a CV, rather than by determining the thesis of a its contents. Mainly because it#x27;s really easy to piece together history, and gaps in history, or overlaps. Whats Get On The Sat. The 80% I mention is because of these gaps and overlaps. While my own CV isn#x27;t exactly Europass formatted, I make sure I eliminate any questions a CV reader would have in their first 2 minutes (having some kind of timeline makes this easy, as Europass do). - It is of a speech, hard to scan. Often times a recruiter will be scanning through 100+ resumes. The fact that it doesn#x27;t follow the #x27;standard#x27; format of resumes makes me have to break out of my usual pattern of how I#x27;d scan a resume.

- I don#x27;t care about should abortion be legal what you#x27;re reading. Sorry but it#x27;s true. I kind of don#x27;t care about your blog posts. I#x27;m not going to determining the thesis of a click on the links though. I might if you make it past the reflective initial screen.

- I do like the skill sets under each job. That#x27;s handy. I don#x27;t care for #x27;favorites#x27;. Just tell me what you know how to do preferably in a more concise manner. - Don#x27;t give me three emails on how to contact you.

I#x27;m a tired stressed out recruiter I don#x27;t wanna play a game on determining the thesis of a, which email I think you#x27;ll respond to. Don#x27;t make me think is just as valid as it is for hiring as it is for should be legal argumentative essay web design. Help the recruiter make the case as to speech why you#x27;re a great hire. Labour Essay. I don#x27;t think that the non-standard formatting helps with that. And you should care about my favorite technologies, else you#x27;re going to call me for a job in Flex or Struts because I worked on speech, it a few years ago and interior design research paper waste your time. Now, it#x27;s worth me pointing out my PL#x2F;SQL experience because some places are working on old and new technology, and the thesis my fluency with diverse technologies is bear, a competitive advantage, but favorites should matter to you. To be honest I#x27;d have favorites go either in an executive summary in the top or a cover letter, not a resume. I#x27;d mention like I#x27;m really excited to work at XYZ because of your use of a React.JS combined with your Fortran to JS transpiler, in fact I worked on this project that uses that Fortran-JS program when I was at ABC company.

You bring up an interesting point how the needs of a recruiter(internal or external) are different from a hiring manager in terms of detail#x2F;information. Writing that list of words that constitute all the the thesis speech things I know has always been the an informative most difficult for me, and I#x27;m never quite sure what people are looking for, or what kind of determining the thesis of a speech, assumptions they#x27;re making about should abortion be legal argumentative it (e.g. I should hope it#x27;s obvious, given my resume, that I can use the determining the thesis of a speech command line. Design Research. Do I really need to the thesis of a say that? Should I break out #x27;tangentially-related programming skills#x27; into reflective the writing a separate list? I have no idea!)

Put the skill you used in determining, the description of the job: - Developed integrated reporting tool using CouchDB. then in you list what your proficient at. Writing An Informative. I hate the skills section too, but its definitely helpful. Since my impression is that a good developer can deal with any situation necessary, I never understood the laundry list of technologies way of fitting a candidate to a good hire. We know this is the reality of the thesis, recruiters. Maybe on interior design paper thesis, HN do a better job of selling the industry of tired, stressed, people that don#x27;t care working to fill a slot.

Well, if you#x27;re expecting anything else from a recruiter being send your resume you#x27;ll be in for speech a hard surprise. The inverse is I couldn#x27;t put in the time to make my CV tidy and intuitive, but you#x27;ll have to soldier thru it, because I have the get on the sat essay mistaken opinion that I#x27;m a unique snowflake and determining the thesis of a speech you don#x27;t get hundreds of them. In fact, don#x27;t make me think is a GREAT advice for abortion be legal anything you want others to determining read#x2F;try#x2F;adopt#x2F;buy. Since my impression is that a good developer can deal with any situation necessary, I never understood the laundry list of technologies way of writing an informative essay, fitting a candidate to a good hire. Even if a good C++ game developer could switch to Javascript front-end development if needed (to give an determining of a speech, extreme example), the time it takes to have them familiar with the relevant stack is better spent hiring someone already familiar. And, it#x27;s kind of obvious -- both can be just as good. It#x27;s just the second is in tamil, also ready to hit the ground running on the stack a company uses. And, of course, just because someone can deal with any situation necessary doesn#x27;t mean they#x27;d like to. Some programmers like to program in X or Y languages (or language families), others like building Z or K kind of programs.

Just because someone could switch from Haskell to Ruby or from scientific programming to determining the thesis of a CRUDs doesn#x27;t mean they#x27;d also like to. In this case the laundry list serves as a way to match hires that are interested in the specific things the company works with. So while my knowing them is definitely valuable, I need some way to help an informative essay convey, hey I know Ruby, but no I don#x27;t like Ruby and of a I wouldn#x27;t accept a position that was primarily Ruby. Should Abortion. (Favorite isn#x27;t a good word for that, but that#x27;s the intent I#x27;m needing to convey.) If you haven#x27;t, it is the thesis, very very hard. You simply don#x27;t have time to dive deep, figure out a person#x27;s unique value, and essay determine whether they could be a good fit. Therefore, usability becomes very important. The candidates who give a recruiter the information he#x2F;she needs in the shortest amount of the thesis of a speech, time possible will rise to help writing an informative essay the top. Reviewing resumes is determining, mind numbing work predicated on an already broken model.

That#x27;s by paper thesis there is so much opportunity in recruiting and determining the thesis of a speech why we are starting to see startups that are changing the recruiting industry. Since the help an informative essay skill involved in crafting the perfect resume is a poor predictor of the of a skill involved in about the writing, writing software, we are seeing initial screenings based more on job tasks. What inference should I draw when you say I know X, Y and Z, but my favorite is Z? I need someone who is good at X. Q: Should I call you? A: I have enough drama, next. You point out that you#x27;re reading Donald Trump#x27;s autobiography. I#x27;m a member of one of the many tribes the Donald has a problem with. Q: Will I associate you with him? A: Probably. You give me three emails.

I need to contact you. Q: Which one should I pick? A: None of the Above Regarding the determining of a speech technologies other folks answered this already. Child Labour Essay In Tamil. If you have a candidate that can hit the group running rather then having to get up to speed that can be very valuable.

I#x27;d imagine even more so due with a startup where you have a limited runway and a need for agility. Do check your local laws for retention of resumes #x2F; applications before throwing it away. I think even the joke JSON resume was easily to parse and the JSON format wasn#x27;t intended to be human readable #x2F; editable. Recruiters, not developers, generally read resumes. They are not used to reading JSON and it is hard for determining of a speech them. It#x27;s actually quite sound: JSON Resume wants to standardize CV fields to abortion be legal improve compatibility between tools, ease conversion, ease theming and such. It#x27;s a joke because it sounds good on paper but the execution is awful.

I tried it out and the resulting CVs are look completely unprofessional, except they took three times as much effort. I got all my data in there, although I found the schema to be very limiting. Then I went through 50-70 themes and none of them actually looked good when exported as a PDF or something you can email to someone else. Note to theme creators: 30px padding everywhere does not look good and makes things harder to the thesis read. I could have customized a theme to should abortion essay fit what I wanted, but the schema was garbage. At that point, I might as well toss the schema and determining the thesis speech generator and implement my own resume template using something like Underscore, but it was a lot simpler to use Word. I don#x27;t really understand what part of the writing process, it constitutes a joke. The grey borders#x2F;lines, they need to go.

They serve no purpose. Contact information goes on top, not buried under the profile. Technologies, can go after the job description. It makes sense to list them in relation to the thesis of a the jobs though. Know one cares how many time your project was stars or forks your project has. Should Abortion Essay. If that was relevant they would have contacted you :) Just link to your GitHub#x2F;Bitbucket#x2F;whatever- page. Writing and favourites can go, unless you a famous blogger, but then I would just list it as a job. The entire resume takes up to much space. It#x27;s country specific, I know, but I think it needs to fit on determining the thesis of a, one A4 page.

Personally, I just don#x27;t like the layout, sorry. Completely agree. While I think it is whats the highest you can get on, fair to put a bit of determining speech, blame of Github#x27;s bad rendering (the same markdown looks much better in stackedit#x27;s rendering, for instance [1]), but I#x27;d still see how can I preserve the grouping without blockquoting things. I can see the child in tamil reasoning for rest of the points as well, but to determining the thesis of a each his own :) Link to that one as the example then ;)

I think it#x27;s down to help writing an informative different markets wanting different things. Speech. A cool project, but maybe not so useful, would be a resume generator that from interior research paper thesis one data source (in Markdown perhaps) could generate resumes in the correct form for Europe, India, the US and so on. I assume you mean no instead of speech, know. But more on be legal essay, point, are you sure this is true? I have heard many companies (Google is the thesis of a, one) look highly on projects you made which are very popular. Someone calling their own creation elegant. I just found it weird. Like someone saying I made this good game. Of course that#x27;s what you would (should) say to you can essay the customers, but here it doesn#x27;t fit somehow.

One of the things I liked about jsonresume is of a speech, I could separate the data from the layout. use the the sat STAR system : Situation, Task, Action, Results. While I was part of the Transport Team I reviewed the delivery schedules by analysing historic data in Excel. I was able to reduce transport costs by the thesis of a speech 10% per year and increase utilisation by 3%. Don#x27;t be afraid of : we found that there were no improvements possible which resulted in no extra spending for the coming year.

- Where We Were - Where We Needed To Go - How We Got There. A variation on this: Visualize being on whats you can the sat, one side of a chasm. Determining The Thesis Of A Speech. Describe this side of the chasm, emphasizing the bad stuff. Describe why we want to go to the other side, emphasizing the good stuff. Abortion Essay. Describe the chasm, emphasizing how deep, wide, and impassible it is.

Now describe the bridge you built, your role in building it, challenges you faced, c. But always start with describing both sides and the chasm. Determining The Thesis Of A. You can use any format you like for describing the bridge and your role in building it, the research thesis important thing is that the reader has the chasm firmly fixed in their midn while reading about your accomplishment. How do you use STAR to not make that sound bad? I think I currently say I delivered the projects on time and on determining the thesis of a, budget and talk about what I was responsible for, and I know I personally gained a lot of child labour, experience from the projects, but every time I see STAR suggested, I#x27;m like Well, if I did that, I#x27;d basically have to say that my work resulted in the company losing money and ultimately folding. I get plenty of determining of a speech, attention for my resume as it is, it just always bugged me when people suggest STAR as if it#x27;s the only way to write a job description on a resume.

When I replaced the VP of Engineering at paper thesis BloatCo, it had 4,000 engineers, producing a mediocre social media product that was roundly criticized for such failures as being unable to the thesis of a edit posts and having no control over online harassment. Cut costs and get the product and feature pipeline flowing. Implemented a thorough review of functional teams, engaging both front-line management and labour in tamil customer representatives to the thesis of a distinguish the individual and practices that were delivering value from those who weren’t. Established a customer council, including social activist and freedom of speech advocates, to advise on anti-harassment policies. After a painful transition lasting two quarters, we are reviving public kudos on new features and our reputation as a tool for whats the highest you can essay scumbags has been turned around. Our burn rate is down by 40% in the thesis, engineering, proving that sometimes, you can cut costs and increase production. Alas, this did not increase any advertising revenue, so the company was sold to Yahoo, who fired me and abortion essay are rewriting everything in Perl 6. Of A Speech. But fixing those problems were outside of the scope of my authority. but ok, stick with i was responsible for be legal a failed product

But as far as I know, most employers don#x27;t care too much to see something like I didn#x27;t really help the business make money, but I learned a lot while I was there! So instead it#x27;s more like Lead team of determining, X people in the development of using for on time and on reflective essay the writing process, budget. Which is fine, but it doesn#x27;t seem to really fit in the thesis speech, with STAR so well, especially the R = Result part. I will add a url in the readme as well, thanks! The key to about a great markdown-based resume is the subsequent styling, writing lists and headings in markdown isn#x27;t a big issue. That#x27;s where the the thesis of a other markdown-resume generators break down, I simply did not like the styling and did not want to change all the writing an informative CSS myself, at the time, needing something decent quickly. My CV (I think that#x27;s what you#x27;re all talking about determining the thesis speech - took a little while to work out you weren#x27;t actually resuming anything) is in LaTeX format. Places regularly got confused with being sent a PDF, and demanded Word instead, so I would just convert each page to a bitmap and load into a Word document as an image.

Inelegant, but functional. Back in the days when I was applying via job agencies, I even had one complain that there was something wrong with my Word document, as they couldn#x27;t work out how to edit any of child in tamil, it. Determining Speech. I told them I thought that was a feature, not a bug. Also you can do some basic conversion from Tex to word using pandoc http:#x2F;#x2F;; He had completely re-written huge chunks of my previous experience, changed the order of things to make me look like I had experience in areas that I definitely did not, and get on essay countless other minor changes. I couldn#x27;t believe it. His native language was definitely not English, so all of his changes had horrible spelling and determining grammar mistakes peppered in. In the end I got the job, but only about the writing, one other person had applied besides myself and the government agency the job was for desperately needed a body to the thesis speech fill a seat so I was kind of hired by child in tamil default.

Ended up being a crazy mess of a programming shop that I brought a bit of order to before leaving. Even if you make sure your CV is a work of art, there#x27;s no guarantee it#x27;s going to be received in that state. I usually keep mine in straight .txt format. If that doesn#x27;t work, I move on. I#x27;ve usually investigated a number of places I might consider working and things like this help me narrow it down further. For the the thesis of a speech vast majority of people posting here, we#x27;re working in abortion, departments that have nothing to determining the thesis speech do with HR, and HR#x27;s ability to read PDF files has no bearing on our (potential) boss#x27;s ability to read PDF files. If one can choose, I guess that is one of the most important signals. The golden rule I stick to help is your CV (excluding detailed work history) should fit on one page. I#x27;m not sure this supports this.

From my experience in the US, most two page resumes can be consolidated down to 1 page. Remove the soft skills like good listener and quick learner, and other extra cruft most soft skill resumes have. A good rule of thumb is 1 page for every 10 years of experience. I got just got a generic rejection email. I am now wondering if it was a big mistake to use two pages, because whoever scanned my resume didn#x27;t even make it to the second page. I would be glad if someone with insight into the recruiting process at determining the thesis big tech companies could confirm that. No offense, but I think it#x27;s common-sense that people will start reading from the beginning of the document, and an informative a really popular company like Google is going to determining the thesis of a speech have at least hundreds of resumes to scan. There is child labour in tamil, a demo w#x2F; live preview that displays the markdown with Bootstrap css. Here#x27;s a screenshot, http:#x2F;#x2F;;qCM0yo2. Markdown is the thesis speech, cool, but as scrollaway said, JSON Resume wants to standardize CV fields to improve compatibility between tools, ease conversion, ease theming and such.

In fact, we have a notion of themes, and this sort of markdown-based format can be generated from your JSONResume. We think that JSON is a saner default interchange format than markdown. If you#x27;ve been following JSONResume development, you might have thought the interior research paper thesis project died, but myself, along with @aloisdg and others are reviving it and working towards a stable v1.0.0 release. Determining The Thesis Speech. Feel free to suggest changes and make PRs :) Be careful not to use REM for font-sizes as @Print ignores them, if you must (and obviously I#x2F;Brain must) you could get around by using % (so 1.5 REM - 150%). Make sure to set font-size on the highest you can get on the sat, both body and html. Also, not sure how to explain it, but if you open up a PDF in Preview, and select print.

You might get a different size#x2F;layout and the thesis some design issues there. The Sat Essay. So always double check, but be careful not to use the Printed (Saved from as it disables links. Don#x27;t spend any time on CSS transitions, as a PDF won#x27;t show them(?) (yep, sigh) Also watch out for printers adding margins both top#x2F;bottom and sides. Any HR department that relies on determining of a speech, automated tools, that only reads resumes that match a profile dictated by the needs of an automated reading machine, isn#x27;t doing its job.

If they are getting too many useless resumes that they need robot to read them, they need to better describe the offerings and#x2F;or broadcast to teddy essays a more focused audience. Announcing jobs to everyone in the world and the thesis of a sifting through the millions of applicants with a machine might make you feel good, it might make you think you are finding the diamond in the rough, but in reality you are selecting candidates almost by lottery. I spent month on Crossover for senior position: 3 days for test case (dumb but large), then waiting for abortion be legal essay interview, then again waiting for interview, then interview with a middle which asked me questions Do you know singleton pattern? Do you know factory pattern. Determining Speech. Then they refused me because unit tests are failed :-#x2F; I just wrote to should be legal essay my colleague that I am free and got hired. Determining Of A. It took about 1 minute. Difference in hourly rates (after taxes and essay the writing process bank commissions): about $1. Will I try to determining the thesis speech use Crossover again? Never. It is too expensive for me.

As for this specific case, note that the user still would write stuff in essay the writing process, sections detailing his#x2F;her profile or experience#x2F;education etc (which all take markdown as is). The app only the thesis, really helps with generating the markdown in a pre-structured format, which is bear, easy to edit as well. From a markdown source file it produces a pretty clean PDF#x2F;html version of my resume and can choose from multiple preset styles. Markdown also has the benefit of giving you an up to date plaintext resume. Determining The Thesis Speech. I like that a lot, considering a lot of labour in tamil, job sites like to automatically (and poorly) convert PDF into plaintext. (2) Print to the thesis of a speech PDF with Chrome. The documents it produces are quite sober, but I find it works very well. open to feedback and PRs :) As an accessibility obsessive, I really don#x27;t like the idea of using `code` tags for decorative purposes.

Back in 2012 I asked @gruber on twitter if he thought it was ok to submit a resume in markdown, his response was: For the right kind of job, I’d wager it’s an advantage to reflective the writing process submit in Markdown. While almost no one accepts .html as a resume format and it#x27;s difficult to convert to .pdf or .docx seamlessly, it works pretty well for converting to the thesis of a .txt for some job applications. I#x27;ve thought about making a simple resume builder for child labour essay in tamil this format. Granted, the determining type of CVs I usually look through are for a slightly different skill set but I believe the same reasoning applies. Markdown or WYSIWYG?

Or both somehow? Git for source control? Or versioning and research paper thesis diffs like wordpress? Themes? Purely css or something more, less secure? How would you want to host it and determining the thesis of a speech customize it? Would you want any social features besides roles and permissions? Such as quoting content from others, or pingbacks or something? Finally, generate static files or just cache heavily? I think the latter is better but a script can exist to generate the reflective essay about the writing process former on environments where caching infrastructure isn#x27;t very robust. Comments - here I would just say use third party javascript based stuff and plop it on the page.

It#x27;s kind of related to speech this post but I have built a framework where I could probably make a blogging app like Wordpress in a week.

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Why America's Business Majors Are in the thesis of a speech, Desperate Need of bear essays a Liberal-Arts Education. Their degrees may help them secure entry-level jobs, but to advance in their careers, they’ll need much more than technical skills. The Department of Justice Takes a Stand Against Transgender Rights in the Workplace. When Working From Home Doesn’t Work. American undergraduates are flocking to business programs, and finding plenty of determining of a speech entry-level opportunities. But when businesses go hunting for CEOs or managers, “they will say, a couple of decades out, that I’m looking for a liberal arts grad,” said Judy Samuelson, executive director of the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program. That presents a growing challenge to colleges and the highest you can get on essay, universities. Students are clamoring for degrees that will help them secure jobs in determining of a, a shifting economy, but to succeed in the long term, they’ll require an education that allows them to should abortion essay grow, adapt, and contribute as citizens—and to build successful careers.

And it’s why many schools are shaking up their curricula to ensure that undergraduate business majors receive something they may not even know they need—a rigorous liberal-arts education. Dispatches from the Aspen Ideas Festival/Spotlight Health. They’re trying to solve a rapidly growing problem. Almost one in five bachelor’s degrees earned in the United States is a business degree, according to the latest statistics from the Department of Education. And that may actually understate the determining the thesis growth of business education—it doesn’t account for undergraduate minors, nor for bear essays, the students who major in economics at schools where business degrees aren’t on offer. But a panel of determining the thesis speech educators moderated by Samuelson at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which is co-hosted by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic , emphasized the need to ensure that these degrees provide a robust education. (The panel was drawn from the highest you can participants in determining the thesis, the Aspen Undergraduate Business Education Consortium, an initiative that’s promoting the tighter integration of the liberal arts into business curricula.)

There’s good reason for abortion essay, their concern. Put simply, business majors seem to determining of a be graduating with some of the technical skills they’ll need to secure jobs, but without having made the gains in labour, writing or critical-thinking skills they’ll require to succeed over the course of their careers, or to determining the thesis speech adapt as their technical skills become outdated and the nature of the opportunities they have shifts over time. A 2014 study of the the highest you can get on the sat essay Collegiate Learning Assessment test—administered to some 13,000 undergraduates as they entered and exited university—found that business, health, and education majors substantially underperformed students in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and engineering. The authors then adjusted their results to determining of a account for the academic abilities of students entering these majors—and found that business and education majors still showed substantially lower gains in writing, complex reasoning, and design research paper thesis, critical thinking by the time they’d graduated. Those are the weaknesses that a liberal-arts education can address. “Liberal arts majors … are the students who have the active minds, who are asking the big questions,” said Erika Walker, an assistant dean at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. That, she said, was a mindset that all students require. “What we need to strive to achieve for the students who aren’t asking the big questions is: challenge yourselves.” Finding workers who ask those questions can pay off—literally—for businesses. “We have become so myopic in determining, solving business problems that we don’t think about those problems from the perspective of other disciplines,” said Charles Iacovou, dean of the school of business at Wake Forest University. Child In Tamil? And that sort of context offers a critical competitive edge, even if not all undergraduates understand that. “More reflective education is the of a kind of thing they push back on,” Walker said. “But this is help writing an informative what businesses are telling us they need.” Businesses want workers who have “the ability to think, the ability to write, the the thesis of a speech ability to understand the cultural or historical context of reflective essay about whatever business decision they’re making,” added Rachel Reiser, assistant dean at the thesis speech Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. If undergraduates want to find success, they need to master those skills. “We’re trying to help them understand there may be so much more to a business education,” Walker said.

And beyond the career advantages that these skills confer, there’s a broader case for offering a liberal-arts education to the hundreds of thousands of students who graduate every year with business degrees. It doesn’t just increase their economic competitiveness, it also strengthens their ability to contribute to the broader society, and to lead fulfilling lives. Abortion Be Legal Argumentative? “We as educational institutions have two jobs: to prepare them to enter the profession but also to prepare them as human beings and as citizens,” Iacovou said. Mass Shootings in the United States: 'This Is Who We Are' In the of a speech wake of Las Vegas, only one thing is certain, according to James Fallows: it will happen again. Tim Piazza fought for his life for 12 hours before his Beta Theta Pi brothers called 911. By then, it was too late.

At about should abortion be legal, 3 p.m. on Friday, February 3, Tim Piazza, a sophomore at Penn State University, arrived at Hershey Medical Center by helicopter. Eighteen hours earlier, he had been in the kind of raging good health that only teenagers enjoy. He was a handsome, redheaded kid with a shy smile, a hometown girlfriend, and a family who loved him very much. Now he had a lacerated spleen, an abdomen full of the thesis blood, and multiple traumatic brain injuries. He had fallen down a flight of stairs during a hazing event at his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, but the essay about the writing members had waited nearly 12 hours before calling 911, relenting only when their pledge “looked fucking dead.” Tim underwent surgery shortly after arriving at Hershey, but it was too late. He died early the determining the thesis of a next morning. The Department of Justice Takes a Stand Against Transgender Rights in child essay in tamil, the Workplace. A new memo rescinds an the thesis of a, Obama-era policy on gender-identity discrimination, setting the reflective essay process stage for a possible Supreme Court fight. The Department of Justice has issued a new memo on transgender workplace rights, arguing that a major civil-rights law does not cover discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The memo, first reported by BuzzFeed News, officially withdraws a 2014 memo sent out by then-Attorney General Eric Holder on this issue, reversing the position the Obama administration took late into the former president’s second term. This is the speech latest in a series of moves by the DOJ to undo Obama-era policies on LGBT rights—and one more step toward a possible showdown over whats the highest you can the sat essay, gender identity and determining the thesis of a speech, sexual orientation at the high court.

As Michael Harper, a law professor at Boston University, told me, “This is all going to the Supreme Court.” The president’s call for a Senate investigation into news outlets for publishing unflattering stories about him is an help an informative essay, attack on freedom of the the thesis of a speech press. Frustrated with a set of damning reports about his relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson—including the nugget that Tillerson called him a “moron” (perhaps with an R-rated modifier)—the president offered a new suggestion on Twitter Thursday morning: Why not explore government censorship of the press? Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE! Trump had been relatively quiet on Twitter for a few days, following the massacre in Las Vegas and his trip to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, but the Tillerson stories on Wednesday set off a new tirade of tweets against the press. Most of them are the standard “Fake news!” variety—never mind that there have been stories of Trump-Tillerson tension for months, and child essay, that multiple outlets have confirmed the “moron” anecdote—but the president is calling for something different here. He is suggesting that the Senate bring its investigative powers to bear on news reports that are, from all indications save Tillerson’s non-denial denial, entirely accurate.

When Working From Home Doesn’t Work. IBM pioneered telecommuting. Now it wants people back in the thesis, the office. I n 1979, IBM was putting its stamp on the American landscape. For 20 years, it had been hiring the greats of modernism to an informative erect buildings where scientists and salespeople could work shoulder-to-shoulder commanding the burgeoning computer industry. But that year, one of its new facilities—the Santa Teresa Laboratory, in Silicon Valley—tried an experiment. To ease a logjam at the office mainframe, it installed boxy, green-screened terminals in the thesis of a speech, the homes of five employees, allowing them to work from home. The idea of telecommuting was still a novelty. But this little solution seemed effective. By 1983, about 2,000 IBMers were working remotely.

The corporation eventually realized that it could save millions by selling its signature buildings and institutionalizing distance work; the number of remote workers ballooned. In 2009, an abortion essay, IBM report boasted that “40 percent of IBM’s some 386,000 employees in determining speech, 173 countries have no office at all.” More than 58 million square feet of child in tamil office space had been unloaded, at a gain of nearly $2 billion. IBM, moreover, wanted to determining the thesis of a help other corporations reap the same officeless efficiencies through its consulting services. Leading by help writing, example was good marketing. A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes. T here were six hours during the night of April 10, 2014, when the entire population of Washington State had no 911 service. People who called for help got a busy signal. One Seattle woman dialed 911 at least 37 times while a stranger was trying to break into her house. The Thesis Speech? When he finally crawled into her living room through a window, she picked up a kitchen knife.

The man fled. The 911 outage, at the time the largest ever reported, was traced to software running on a server in Englewood, Colorado. Operated by a systems provider named Intrado, the server kept a running counter of how many calls it had routed to 911 dispatchers around the country. Intrado programmers had set a threshold for how high the essay counter could go. They picked a number in the millions. Writing Advice From a (Newly Minted) Nobel Winner. Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the determining the thesis of a bulk of The Remains of the should abortion be legal argumentative essay Day in four weeks. All it took was extreme dedication—and a willingness to be terrible. It’s tempting to talk of of a writing—the art of it, the teddy bear essays craft of it, the lifestyle of the thesis of a speech it—as a kind of romance. You Can Get On The Sat? Writers of serious literature (according to, at of a speech least, many writers of serious literature) do not simply type stark words onto blank pages; instead, they stare into an abyss and reach into their souls and find, if they are fortunate, the swirling fires of Prometheus. Design? “We write to determining the thesis of a speech taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect,” Anais Nin said, which is beautiful and child essay, true and also objectively incorrect: Writing is delicious work, but it is for the most part simply work.

It’s often lonely. It’s rarely romantic. (I am not a writer of serious literature, but I am a writer, and determining of a, I am writing this while sipping stale coffee from a mug that’s in bad need of a wash.) Writing is a craft in the way that carpentry is a craft: There’s art to it, sure, and a certain inspiration required of writing it, definitely, but for determining speech, the most part you’re just sawing and help writing essay, sanding and getting dust in your eyes. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. The Thesis Speech? But they’re on should the brink of the thesis of a speech a mental-health crisis. O ne day last summer, around noon, I called Athena, a 13-year-old who lives in Houston, Texas. She answered her phone—she’s had an iPhone since she was 11—sounding as if she’d just woken up.

We chatted about her favorite songs and teddy essays, TV shows, and I asked her what she likes to do with her friends. “We go to the mall,” she said. “Do your parents drop you off?,” I asked, recalling my own middle-school days, in the 1980s, when I’d enjoy a few parent-free hours shopping with my friends. “No—I go with my family,” she replied. “We’ll go with my mom and the thesis, brothers and walk a little behind them. Design Research Paper Thesis? I just have to tell my mom where we’re going. I have to check in every hour or every 30 minutes.” Those mall trips are infrequent—about once a month. Determining? More often, Athena and teddy bear essays, her friends spend time together on their phones, unchaperoned. Unlike the teens of my generation, who might have spent an the thesis of a, evening tying up the family landline with gossip, they talk on Snapchat, the smartphone app that allows users to send pictures and videos that quickly disappear. They make sure to keep up their Snapstreaks, which show how many days in essays, a row they have Snapchatted with each other. Sometimes they save screenshots of particularly ridiculous pictures of friends. “It’s good blackmail,” Athena said. (Because she’s a minor, I’m not using her real name.) She told me she’d spent most of the of a summer hanging out alone in child labour in tamil, her room with her phone.

That’s just the way her generation is, she said. “We didn’t have a choice to know any life without iPads or iPhones. Determining Of A? I think we like our phones more than we like actual people.” The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy. It is insufficient to state the obvious of Donald Trump: that he is a white man who would not be president were it not for this fact. With one immediate exception, Trump’s predecessors made their way to the highest you can get on the sat high office through the passive power of whiteness—that bloody heirloom which cannot ensure mastery of all events but can conjure a tailwind for most of them. Land theft and human plunder cleared the grounds for determining the thesis of a, Trump’s forefathers and barred others from it. Whats You Can The Sat? Once upon determining the thesis speech, the field, these men became soldiers, statesmen, and scholars; held court in Paris; presided at Princeton; advanced into the Wilderness and then into the White House. Their individual triumphs made this exclusive party seem above America’s founding sins, and it was forgotten that the former was in fact bound to the latter, that all their victories had transpired on cleared grounds. No such elegant detachment can be attributed to an informative Donald Trump—a president who, more than any other, has made the awful inheritance explicit.

How Michael Clayton Presaged 2017. Ten years after the film’s release, the world has caught up to its bleak vision. O ne of the disorientations of where we’re at—the obliterative sucking splotch of determining a present tense in which we now all live—is that it feels simultaneously like a malign mischance and like something we should have seen coming a mile off. For decades the poets have been sobbing, the writing an informative essay screenwriters having nightmares, and the canaries in the coal mine toppling stoically from their perches. Determining Of A Speech? Works of should abortion argumentative art that seemed, at the time, to be merely broody or frazzled now appear darkly predictive—pregnant with prophecy, some of them. The Thesis Of A? All the teddy essays signs point to speech here.

So how to child in tamil mark this rather subterranean anniversary, 10 years after the determining the thesis of a release of a very, very good movie? Perhaps by saying that it is becoming a classic before our eyes, because things are even more Michael Clayton now than they were when Michael Clayton first came out. Photographing the reflective about the writing Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017. Nikon just announced the winners of the 2017 Small World Photomicrography Competition, and they’ve shared some of the winning and the thesis, honored images with us here. Nikon just announced the winners of the 2017 Small World Photomicrography Competition, and they’ve shared some of the winning and should abortion, honored images with us here. The contest invites photographers and scientists to submit images of all things visible under a microscope. Determining The Thesis Of A? More than 2,000 entries were received from 88 countries in be legal argumentative, 2017, the 43rd year of the the thesis competition.

What If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef? What can an child labour in tamil, individual do about climate change? The easiest answer: make this one dietary switch. Depression, anxiety, overeating, addiction, and all other mental disorders share a common mechanism. Research shows that using curse words can persuade everyone from voters to determining the thesis of a speech your co-workers.

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6 common resume problems and how to determining the thesis speech fix them. Labour Essay In Tamil. This article originally appeared on determining the thesis speech LearnVest. When job hunting, your resume has a way of highlighting little career imperfections in essay, black and white. Maybe you’ve job-hopped, had a long gap between gigs, or earned a degree that requires explaining (hello, art history majors!). Is there a way to determining the thesis smooth over these resume imperfections—without being dishonest? You betcha. You just have to get creative, be upfront and do a little rebranding. We spoke with job coaches, recruiters and candidates who have been in help writing essay, your shoes to find out how best to fix six of the most common resume flaws. Problem: You Want to Change Fields, but Don’t Have Any Experience. What to Do: Play up your skills, not your positions. “What skills have you gathered in your previous positions that would be helpful in the thesis of a speech, another job?” asks Lea McLeod, a career coach and the founder of labour in tamil, Degrees of Transition, a job coaching firm.

That’s just what she did with her client, Todd Mauvais, 29. Though Mauvais had been teaching music for six years, he wanted a more stable career. Determining Speech. He applied to government jobs for a full year before he intended to make his transition, but nothing panned out, and Mauvais wasn’t sure why. Once he began working with McLeod, the problem was clear: He didn’t lack skills—he simply hadn’t identified the should essay right field to of a speech apply them. “Because Todd had a job where he commuted among multiple schools to teach arts classes, he was an exceptional self-manager,” she says. “He also promoted summer arts programs to increase enrollment, was a great public speaker and presenter, and was comfortable in front of a room.” She helped him recognize that this skill set translated perfectly to a career in sales. Mauvais rewrote his resume to focus on his relationship building, speaking and promotional skills, and teddy bear, reached out to a craft beer distributor he thought would be a good fit through LinkedIn. Determining The Thesis Of A Speech. In just over whats the highest you can get on a month, the former music teacher was hired as a sales associate, and is still happy in his role there today. Determining Of A Speech. Problem: Your College Degree Isn’t Directly Relevant to the Job or Field.

What to Do: If this describes you, don’t worry, you’re hardly alone. “Only specific fields—like engineering, graphic design, health care/medicine, pharmaceutical and automotive, to name a few—require related degrees for entry-level work,” explains corporate recruiter Dennis Tupper. Design Research Thesis. “Otherwise, companies are seeking someone who is coachable and moldable, will work hard and has a vested interest and passion in the company or industry.” Taylor Brady, 23, faced this very challenge with his sociology degree. Having grown frustrated after three months of sending out resumes for determining of a speech, jobs in social work and nonprofits without getting any response, he, too, reached out to McLeod. Essay About Process. “I had friends graduating from business school who were Excel wizards and the thesis of a speech, such, but I had to be creative in regards to selling myself,” says Brady. Essay. “To focus Taylor’s experience,” explains McLeod, “we called out his work with a grant-writing mentor as a ‘special academic project’ and included the types and values of the grants he had written, so it really popped when he was applying for the grant-writing jobs he really wanted.” He also led his resume with a “Special Skills” section, which highlighted the key points of the thesis of a speech, his past internships (including grant writing, donor database management and volunteer coordination), then provided more information about each role in the “Work Experience” section. With McLeod’s help, Brady found his current role as a grant writer at a nonprofit by rebranding his resume to interior research paper focus exactly on what he could do for his potential employer. Problem: You Have a Big Gap Between Jobs. What to Do: According to Jill Knittel, C.O.O. of recruiting and determining the thesis of a speech, staffing firm Employee Relations Associates, significant gaps between jobs are fairly common imperfections that can be handled with two different approaches. Should Abortion. “One solution is to the thesis list just the number of years or months you worked at your earlier positions, rather than the essay process usual start and end dates,” Knittel advises. The other approach? “You can also use a functional resume, which elaborates on determining of a your skills, instead of a chronological resume.

This will take the focus away from time, and on to your abilities and what you can do for should abortion essay, a company,” she says. If asked in an interview about the time frame of your resume, you will still need to be honest about the gaps, but either of these approaches can de-emphasize them on paper. Problem: You’ve Job-Hopped Frequently. What to Do: Jessica Bedford, a recruiter at Artisan Creative, a staffing agency that specializes in determining of a, finding jobs for creative talent, recommends that job-hoppers include a “Reason for Leaving” next to each position, with a succinct explanation like “company closed,” “layoff due to downsizing” or “relocated to help writing an informative essay new city.” By addressing the gaps, you’ll proactively illustrate the reason for your sporadic job movement and determining the thesis, make it less of an issue. “If you have multiple gaps or have filled the time with several temporary projects, you might also create a section called ‘Consulting Work’ or ‘Freelance Work,’ and list all of them under the one section. With this approach, job seekers can account for a number of years at once,” recommends Bedford. Interior Thesis. If you stayed at a job for only a matter of months, consider eliminating it from your resume. According to The New York Times’ Career Coach, leaving a particularly short-lived job or two off your work history shouldn’t hurt, as long as you’re honest about of a speech your experience if asked in interior research paper, an interview.

Problem: Your Resume Is Three Pages Long, and of a speech, You Don’t Know What to Cut. What to be legal argumentative Do: Tupper says that if you work in an industry unrelated to the thesis of a speech one you worked in thesis, ten years ago, you can omit the details of that past experience and include only the the thesis speech years and industries in which you worked (so you don’t appear deceitful in the case of a background check). For jobs you held several years ago that are in the same field, but don’t reflect your current “level,” keep descriptions brief. And, as mentioned above, in the advice for job hoppers, jobs you held for you can get on, only a few months can be eliminated, as long as you’re upfront about the determining speech experience if the subject comes up. Bear Essays. Problem: You Haven’t Snagged That First Real Job. What to the thesis Do: If little professional experience is the reason your resume is lacking, executive recruiter Bruce A. Hurwitz of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing recommends adding a subhead called “Related Employment Activities,” right under “Work Experience.” “You can fill it with volunteer work, online courses, short-term employment and reflective the writing process, consulting assignments—list everything from a part-time job to a webinar to speech an online course,” says Hurwitz.

This section allows you to explain why you’re the right candidate for the role—before a recruiter concludes you’re not. Don’t forget to child labour include the valuable “soft skills” job candidates tend to underestimate, like the ability to resolve customer service issues, work with ambiguity, coordinate among different groups and of a speech, negotiate with vendors. Today's post was written by a guest contributor. We invite our community members to share their experiences and ideas on how to find a job that makes a difference. Want to contribute? Email us here Please note: We do not accept submissions from child in tamil writers at content farms. Thank you for your cooperation.

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essay on trademarks A trademark is a word, symbol, or phrase, used to identify a particular manufacturer or seller's products and distinguish them from the the thesis of a products of another. 15 U.S.C. ? 1127. For example, the trademark Nike, along with the whats you can get on essay Nike swoosh, identify the shoes made by Nike and distinguish them from shoes made by other companies (e.g. Reebok or Adidas). The Thesis Of A. Similarly, the trademark Coca-Cola distinguishes the brown-colored soda water of one particular manufacturer from the brown-colored soda of another (e.g. Pepsi). Essay In Tamil. When such marks are used to identify services (e.g. Jiffy Lube) rather than products, they are called service marks, although they are generally treated just the same as trademarks. Under some circumstances, trademark protection can extend beyond words, symbols, and phrases to determining of a include other aspects of a product, such as its color or its packaging. For example, the pink color of get on the sat Owens-Corning fiberglass insulation or the unique shape of a Coca-Cola bottle might serve as identifying features.

Such features fall generally under the determining speech term trade dress, and may be protected if consumers associate that feature with a particular manufacturer rather than the product in general. However, such features will not be protected if they confer any sort of functional or competitive advantage. So, for example, a manufacturer cannot lock up the use of a particular unique bottle shape if that shape confers some sort of should abortion functional advantage (e.g. is easier to stack or easier to grip). Qualitex Co. v. The Thesis Of A Speech. Jacobson Products Co., Inc., 115 S. Ct. 1300 (1995). Trademarks make it easier for the highest you can the sat consumers to of a quickly identify the source of a given good. Instead of reading the fine print on a can of should abortion argumentative essay cola, consumers can look for determining the thesis of a speech the Coca-Cola trademark.

Instead of asking a store clerk who made a certain athletic shoe, consumers can look for the highest you can get on the sat essay particular identifying symbols, such as a swoosh or a unique pattern of stripes. By making goods easier to identify, trademarks also give manufacturers an incentive to invest in the quality of their goods. After all, if a consumer tries a can of of a Coca-Cola and finds the quality lacking, it will be easy for the consumer to avoid Coca-Cola in the future and instead buy another brand. Trademark law furthers these goals by regulating the proper use of trademarks. Trademarks are governed by both state and teddy essays, federal law. Originally, state common law provided the main source of protection for trademarks. However, in determining the thesis the late 1800s, the U.S. Congress enacted the first federal trademark law. Since then, federal trademark law has consistently expanded, taking over much of the child labour essay in tamil ground initially covered by state common law. The main federal statute is the Lanham Act, which was enacted in 1946 and most recently amended in 1996. 15 U.S.C. ?? 1051, et seq..

Today, federal law provides the of a speech main, and by and large the most extensive, source of trademark protection, although state common law actions are still available. Most of the discussion in reflective about this summary focuses on federal law. In order to serve as a trademark, a mark must be distinctive -- that is, it must be capable of identifying the source of determining a particular good. In determining whether a mark is distinctive, the courts group marks into four categories, based on whats you can the sat essay, the relationship between the mark and the underlying product: (1) arbitrary or fanciful, (2) suggestive, (3) descriptive, or (4) generic. Because the marks in each of these categories vary with respect to their distinctiveness, the requirements for, and degree of, legal protection afforded a particular trademark will depend upon determining of a speech, which category it falls within.

An arbitrary or fanciful mark is a mark that bears no logical relationship to the underlying product. For example, the words Exxon, Kodak, and whats the highest you can the sat essay, Apple bear no inherent relationship to their underlying products (respectively, gasoline, cameras, or computers). Similarly, the Nike swoosh bears no inherent relationship to athletic shoes. Arbitrary or fanciful marks are inherently distinctive -- i.e. capable of identifying an underlying product -- and are given a high degree of protection. A suggestive mark is a mark that evokes or suggests a characteristic of the underlying good. For example, the word Coppertone is suggestive of determining sun-tan lotion, but does not specifically describe the underlying product. Labour Essay In Tamil. Some exercise of imagination is needed to associate the word with the underlying product. At the same time, however, the word is not totally unrelated to the underlying product.

Like arbitrary or fanciful marks, suggestive marks are inherently distinctive and are given a high degree of protection. A descriptive mark is a mark that directly describes, rather than suggests, a characteristic or quality of the of a underlying product (e.g. its color, odor, function, dimensions, or ingredients). For example, Holiday Inn, All Bran, and Vision Center all describe some aspect of the interior research paper thesis underlying product or service (respectively, hotel rooms, breakfast cereal, optical services). They tell us something about the the thesis product. Unlike arbitrary or suggestive marks, descriptive marks are not inherently distinctive and abortion, are protected only if they have acquired secondary meaning. Determining The Thesis. Descriptive marks must clear this additional hurdle because they are terms that are useful for interior design research paper thesis describing the underlying product, and giving a particular manufacturer the exclusive right to the thesis use the term could confer an unfair advantage. Assuming that a trademark qualifies for protection, rights to a trademark can be acquired in one of two ways: (1) by being the first to use the mark in commerce; or (2) by about the writing being the first to register the mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). 15 U.S.C. ? 1127(a).

Remember, however, that descriptive marks qualify for protection (and can be registered) only after they have acquired secondary meaning. Thus, for descriptive marks, there may be a period after the initial use of the mark in commerce and before it acquires secondary meaning, during which it is not entitled to trademark protection. Once it has achieved secondary meaning, trademark protection kicks in. The use of a mark generally means the actual sale of a product to the public with the mark attached. Thus, if I am the first to sell Lucky brand bubble-gum to the public, I have acquired priority to use that mark in connection with the the thesis of a sale of bubble-gum (assuming that the mark otherwise qualifies for trademark protection). Reflective About The Writing Process. This priority is limited, however, to the geographic area in which I sell the bubble gum, along with any areas I would be expected to expand into or any areas where the reputation of the mark has been established. So, for example, if I sell pizza in Boston under the name Broadway Pizza, I will probably be able to prevent late-comers from opening up a Broadway Pizza within my geographic market. But I will not be able to prevent someone else from opening a Broadway Pizza in Los Angeles. The other way to acquire priority is to register the mark with the PTO with a bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce. Unlike use of a mark in commerce, registration of a mark with the PTO gives a party the right to use the mark nationwide, even if actual sales are limited to the thesis of a speech only a limited area. This right is limited, however, to the extent that the mark is already being used by others within a specific geographic area.

If that is the design research paper thesis case, then the the thesis of a prior user of the mark retains the right to use that mark within that geographic area; the party registering the mark gets the right to use it everywhere else. So, for labour essay in tamil example, if I register the mark Broadway in connection with the sale of pizza, the existing Broadway Pizza in Boston retains the right to use the determining the thesis of a name in Boston, but I get the right to use it everywhere else. Although registration with the PTO is not required for a trademark to bear essays be protected, registration does confer a number of benefits to the registering party. 15 U.S.C. ? 1051. As described above, registration gives a party the right to use the mark nationwide, subject to the limitations noted above.

15 U.S.C. Determining The Thesis Speech. ? 1072. Should Abortion Argumentative. Registration constitutes nationwide constructive notice to others that the determining speech trademark is help an informative owned by the party. Determining Of A. Registration enables a party to bring an infringement suit in federal court. Essays. 15 U.S.C. ? 1121. Registration allows a party to potentially recover treble damages, attorneys fees, and other remedies. Finally, registered trademarks can, after five years, become incontestable, at which point the exclusive right to use the mark is conclusively established. 15 U.S.C. The Thesis. ? 1065. Applications for registration are subject to approval by the PTO. The PTO may reject a registration on any number of grounds. 15 U.S.C. Essay The Writing Process. ? 1052.

For example, the PTO will refuse to register generic marks or descriptive marks that have not attained secondary meaning. The PTO can also reject immoral or scandalous marks, certain geographic marks, marks that are primarily surnames, and marks that are likely to determining the thesis of a cause confusion with existing marks. As noted above, rejection of the mark does not necessarily mean that it is should be legal argumentative not entitled to determining the thesis of a speech trademark protection; it means only that the mark is essay about not entitled to the additional benefits listed above. 15 U.S.C. ? 1125. Some states also have their own registration systems under state trademark law. The rights to a trademark can be lost through abandonment, improper licensing or assignment, or genericity. A trademark is abandoned when its use is discontinued with an intent not to resume its use. Such intent can be inferred from the circumstances.

Moreover, non-use for determining the thesis three consecutive years is abortion prima facie evidence of abandonment. The basic idea is that trademark law only of a speech protects marks that are being used, and child labour essay, parties are not entitled to warehouse potentially useful marks. So, for example, a recent case held that the Los Angeles Dodgers had abandoned rights to the Brooklyn Dodgers trademarkMajor League Baseball Properties, Inc. Determining The Thesis Of A Speech. v. Sed Non Olet Denarius, Ltd., 817 F. Child Labour. Supp. 1103 (S.D.N.Y. The Thesis. 1993). Trademark rights can also be lost through improper licensing or assignment.

Where the use of a trademark is licensed (for example, to a franchisee) without adequate quality control or supervision by teddy bear essays the trademark owner, that trademark will be canceled. The Thesis. Similarly, where the rights to a trademark are assigned to another party in child in tamil gross, without the corresponding sale of any assets, the trademark will be canceled. The rationale for determining the thesis speech these rules is that, under these situations, the trademark no longer serves its purpose of identifying the goods of a particular provider. Dawn Donut Co., Inc. v. Hart's Food Stores, Inc., 267 F.2d 358 (2d Cir. Essays. 1959). Trademark rights can also be lost through genericity.

Sometimes, trademarks that are originally distinctive can become generic over time, thereby losing its trademark protectionKellogg Co. v. National Biscuit Co., 305 U.S. 111 (1938). A word will be considered generic when, in the minds of a substantial majority of the public, the word denotes a broad genus or type of product and not a specific source or manufacturer. The Thesis Speech. So, for example, the term thermos has become a generic term and is no longer entitled to trademark protection. Although it once denoted a specific manufacturer, the term now stands for the general type of product. Similarly, both aspirin and cellophane have been held to the writing be generic. Bayer Co. v. United Drug Co., 272 F.505 (S.D.N.Y.

1921). In deciding whether a term is generic, courts will often look to dictionary definitions, the use of the term in newspapers and the thesis speech, magazines, and any evidence of attempts by writing the trademark owner to police its mark. If a party owns the rights to a particular trademark, that party can sue subsequent parties for trademark infringement. 15 U.S.C. The Thesis Of A. ?? 1114, 1125. The standard is likelihood of confusion. To be more specific, the use of a trademark in connection with the sale of should be legal a good constitutes infringement if it is likely to cause consumer confusion as to the source of those goods or as to the sponsorship or approval of the thesis such goods. In deciding whether consumers are likely to be confused, the labour in tamil courts will typically look to the thesis a number of factors, including: (1) the strength of the mark; (2) the proximity of the goods; (3) the similarity of the marks; (4) evidence of actual confusion; (5) the teddy bear similarity of marketing channels used; (6) the degree of caution exercised by the typical purchaser; (7) the defendant's intent. Polaroid Corp. v. Polarad Elect. Corp., 287 F.2d 492 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, 368 U.S. 820 (1961).

So, for example, the use of an identical mark on the same product would clearly constitute infringement. If I manufacture and speech, sell computers using the should be legal mark Apple, my use of that mark will likely cause confusion among consumers, since they may be misled into thinking that the of a speech computers are made by Apple Computer, Inc. Using a very similar mark on the same product may also give rise to a claim of infringement, if the marks are close enough in sound, appearance, or meaning so as to cause confusion. So, for example, Applet computers may be off-limits; perhaps also Apricot. Bear. On the other end of the spectrum, using the same term on a completely unrelated product will not likely give rise to an infringement claim. Thus, Apple Computer and Apple Records can peacefully co-exist, since consumers are not likely to think that the computers are being made by the record company, or vice versa. Between the two ends of the spectrum lie many close cases, in which the courts will apply the factors listed above. Determining Speech. So, for interior thesis example, where the marks are similar and the products are also similar, it will be difficult to determine whether consumer confusion is of a likely. In one case, the essays owners of the mark Slickcraft used the mark in connection with the sale of boats used for general family recreation.

They brought an infringement action against a company that used the mark Sleekcraft in connection with the determining of a sale of high-speed performance boats. Because the two types of boats served substantially different markets, the court concluded that the products were related but not identical. However, after examining many of the factors listed above, the court concluded that the use of Sleekcraft was likely to cause confusion among consumers. AMF Inc. v. Sleekcraft Boats, 599 F.2d 341 (9th Cir. 1979). In addition to bringing an action for infringement, owners of trademarks can also bring an action for trademark dilution under either federal or state law. Under federal law, a dilution claim can be brought only if the be legal essay mark is famous. In deciding whether a mark is famous, the courts will look to the following factors: (1) the degree of inherent or acquired distinctiveness; (2) the duration and extent of determining of a speech use; (3) the amount of advertising and publicity; (4) the geographic extent of the market; (5) the channels of trade; (6) the degree of recognition in trading areas; (7) any use of similar marks by third parties; (8) whether the mark is essay registered. 15 U.S.C. Speech. ? 1125(c). Kodak, Exxon, and Xerox are all examples of famous marks.

Under state law, a mark need not be famous in order to give rise to a dilution claim. Reflective Essay The Writing Process. Instead, dilution is available if: (1) the mark has selling power or, in other words, a distinctive quality; and (2) the two marks are substantially similar. Mead Data Central, Inc. v. Of A. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., 875 F.2d 1026 (2d Cir. Bear. 1989). Once the prerequisites for a dilution claim are satisfied, the owner of a mark can bring an action against any use of that mark that dilutes the distinctive quality of that mark, either through blurring or tarnishment of that mark; unlike an infringement claim, likelihood of confusion is not necessary. Blurring occurs when the power of the determining the thesis of a mark is be legal weakened through its identification with dissimilar goods.

For example, Kodak brand bicycles or Xerox brand cigarettes. Although neither example is likely to cause confusion among consumers, each dilutes the speech distinctive quality of the mark. Tarnishment occurs when the mark is cast in an unflattering light, typically through its association with inferior or unseemly products or services. So, for example, in a recent case, ToysRUs successfully brought a tarnishment claim against, a pornographic web-site. Toys R Us v. Akkaoui, 40 U.S.P.Q.2d (BNA) 1836 (N.D. Cal. Oct. 29, 1996). Although likelihood of confusion and dilution are the two main trademark-related causes of action, there exist a number of additional state-law causes of action under state unfair competition law: passing off, contributory passing off, reverse passing off, and misappropriation. Passing off occurs when the defendant tries to pass off its product as the plaintiff's product.

So, for example, manufacturing computers and claiming that they are made by should be legal argumentative Apple Computer, Inc. Contributory passing off occurs when the defendant assists or induces another (typically a retailer) to the thesis pass of its product as the plaintiff's product. So, for example, inducing a computer store to represent that the computers are made by Apple, when in fact they are not. Reverse passing off occurs when the interior design research paper defendant tries to pass off the plaintiff's product as its own. So, for example, taking a computer made by Apple, removing the label, and putting on a different label. Finally, misappropriation is a highly unstable, but potentially fruitful source of additional trademark-related claims. Defendants in a trademark infringement or dilution claim can assert basically two types of affirmative defense: fair use or parody. Fair use occurs when a descriptive mark is used in good faith for determining the thesis speech its primary, rather than secondary, meaning, and no consumer confusion is likely to result.

So, for example, a cereal manufacturer may be able to should abortion argumentative describe its cereal as consisting of all bran, without infringing upon determining of a speech, Kelloggs' rights in the mark All Bran. Such a use is purely descriptive, and does not invoke the secondary meaning of the mark. Child In Tamil. Similarly, in one case, a court held that the defendant's use of the thesis fish fry to research thesis describe a batter coating for fish was fair use and did not infringe upon the plaintiff's mark Fish-Fri. Zatarain's, Inc. v. Oak Grove Smokehouse, Inc., 698 F.2d 786 (5th Cir. 1983). Such uses are privileged because they use the terms only in determining speech their purely descriptive sense. Some courts have recognized a somewhat different, but closely-related, fair-use defense, called nominative use. Interior Research Thesis. Nominative use occurs when use of a term is necessary for purposes of identifying another producer's product, not the user's own product.

For example, in a recent case, the determining the thesis newspaper USA Today ran a telephone poll, asking its readers to vote for their favorite member of the music group New Kids on the Block. The New Kids on teddy essays, the Block sued USA Today for determining of a speech trademark infringement. The court held that the use of the trademark New Kids on the Block was a privileged nominative use because: (1) the group was not readily identifiable without using the mark; (2) USA Today used only so much of the mark as reasonably necessary to identify it; and (3) there was no suggestion of endorsement or sponsorship by the group. The basic idea is that use of a trademark is sometimes necessary to identify and talk about another party's products and services. When the above conditions are met, such a use will be privileged.

New Kids on the Block v. News America Publishing, Inc., 971 F.2d 302 (9th Cir. 1992). Finally, certain parodies of trademarks may be permissible if they are not too directly tied to commercial use. The basic idea here is that artistic and editorial parodies of trademarks serve a valuable critical function, and that this critical function is entitled to essays some degree of determining the thesis of a First Amendment protection. Child Essay. The courts have adopted different ways of incorporating such First Amendment interests into the analysis. For example, some courts have applied the general likelihood of confusion analysis, using the First Amendment as a factor in the analysis. The Thesis Speech. Other courts have expressly balanced First Amendment considerations against the degree of likely confusion.

Still other courts have held that the First Amendment effectively trumps trademark law, under certain circumstances. In general, however, the interior research thesis courts appear to be more sympathetic to the extent that parodies are less commercial, and of a speech, less sympathetic to the extent that parodies involve commercial use of the mark.

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Essay: Business plan – #039;JoyIce#039; iced tea. Tea has a special place in the hearts and of a minds of people in sub-continent especially in Pakistan. People’s creativity has led to the birth of many other flavors which are exclusively found in Pakistan. And other parts of the world. It is the favourite hot drink of the nation and acquires market share second to none. People consume at least two to three cups of tea any given day. Social and business gathering involves tea as refreshment, but to introduce a cold variant of the whats get on hot drink can only be done during summers. Determining Speech! Pakistan has a dynamic weather system, where south remains hot throughout the year, center experiences all 4 weathers and the north is dominated by cold weather. Whats You Can The Sat! Stepping into cold beverage market is a tough step as it is dominated by cold drinks such as Pepsi and Coke, and other juice based drinks. Their market share is high however there are hardly any companies who are in determining of a Ice Tea with a big market share. Our product will be launched initially with limited popular flavours with a name JoyIce Tea. ( Abbas et al.2011)

JoyIce will be offered in many flavors, such as Original, Kashmiri, Lemon and Rose. Ice tea at the moment involves multinational and local manufacturers having their own brands. In terms of Ice Tea the two main competitors are Nestle and Lipton ice tea but their flavors normally focus on labour essay in tamil fruits and because of the price, they still haven’t got enough market share as available due to lack of awareness about the determining the thesis of a speech advantages of Ice tea for people. In order to enter with a new product in market it is important to analyze different market segments. Segmentation can be done according to demographics, psychographic, audience and help writing an informative age group. ( The launch strategy of our product will involve educational promotions about the advantages over other available products and how to utilize this product in determining daily life.

The main goal is to provide the consumer nutrition, alertness, energy and a taste of chilled tea. Should Abortion Argumentative Essay! The company will have a flat structure with two owners in a partnership both investing in equal share under a name of Hi-Life limited .The main plant of production will be rented in North Karachi industrial area which is the thesis of a speech located in reflective essay Karachi on 200 acres as per estimate. Determining The Thesis! The company is looking forward to teddy essays make arrangements of having agreements with four big depots already being operated by companies supplying for of a others. With four depots in be legal essay major cities of Pakistan which are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Quetta we will be able to supply according to required demand. The depot which will be hired in Quetta will supply for two provinces which are KhyberPakhtoonKhuwa and Balochistan. Legal requirement will involved, clean water supply certificate, business trade certificate, operation in plant certificate and manufacturing plant approval on that particular land by Government of Pakistan. Mission Statement: JoyIce tea is aiming to reach consumer demand in their busy life and to provide them with a drink which can make them enjoy the refreshing taste and determining of a speech relax low calories and research less sugar but a quality product in determining the thesis taste.

We aim to build a strong relationship with our customers through JoyIce tea and interior thesis everyone attached to it. Costing and Pricing: The cost of manufacturing plays an important role in pricing a product for consumer. Ice tea will be marketed in the thesis of a speech two volumes with 250 ml and 500ml.A 250ml will be available in in tamil cans and 500ml in bottles. The average cost of competitors in the market is Rs 30.Our target is to bring our product out in the market with making profits for suppliers, retailer as well for determining of a speech the company. (Kamerow, 2010) PRODUCT COST PRICE. Ice Tea in 250ml Can Rs 11.00 Rs 25.00.

Ice Tea in 500ml Bottle Rs 16.00 Rs 40.00250ml x 4 RS 75.00. Fig 1: Cost and Price. For the initial months or a year, the sale projection will be focused on getting our product more and design thesis more to the consumers and building a good reputation of determining the thesis of a, taste and quality. By providing discounted pack size like for a pack of labour in tamil, 4 and 8 we will try to determining the thesis speech maximize our sales. Fig 2: Sales Projection. Sales projection suggest that the interior design research paper thesis business will rise steadily after getting started in the thesis 2015.With the increase in child essay sales in each year we are expecting a high rise in sales during 2018 and speech 2019 as by this time after years of promotions and marketing our product will be trusted by customers with quality and taste. For a new product like ice tea in reflective about the writing market promotion is the best tool in order to attract consumers towards the product and making them to buy the product.

Different marketing and determining of a promotion strategies have been formed in different places of the design research paper thesis country. ‘ Road Promotion: Different cars and vans with ice tea drinks on various spots can provide free small samples to determining people in order to taste the product. If they like, they will buy it from the store to enjoy it again in big volumes.(Cooper,1984) ‘ Cool Spots: This include setting up different stalls in play grounds, shopping malls and walking parks. People will see the product being promoted and will try to you can the sat buy it for the first time just to try a new taste. By these families, kids and working consumer can have the opportunity to try it. Location Promotion: Universities, Colleges, Schools and office buildings where people are found in big number will be targeted by supplying the different stores in determining the thesis these premises to sell them out. Initial supply to these retailers will make the retailers pay the company after selling them.(Cooper,1984) JoyIce Cafe: We plan on establishing a caf?? focusing on JoyIce tea products along with complementary food items and promote it as a place for people to relax and hang out essays, with their friends. ‘ Sponsorships: Our promotional plans also include hosting a morning radio show as people traveling in buses can hear about product through radio. One music video will also be launched and the thesis speech sponsored with JoyIce tea in promotion on social media as well as on TV.

JoyIce tea sponsored stores will be also be a part of promotion for few stores in a city depending on the population of that area and teddy consuming capacity.(Abbas .et al,2011) ‘ Club Programme: Hi-life club will formed for determining ice tea users to participate in different events either sponsored or held by them. This would involve small gathering and some exclusive events in town. ‘ Social Marketing: Social Marketing will play a major role in attracting young and working class. We will organize different campaigns for awareness of our product on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and an informative essay other social sites. (J.Quelch,2008) JoyIce Tea in the current market scenario of Pakistan has a potential to of a generate market shares in this category of cold drinks. Few brands are available for ICE Tea in market but a large volume of market share is still unexploited. JoyIce tea has different flavors than its competitors and teddy can do well if they get initial good reviews from consumer and stores. Determining Speech! People are moving to different drinks now as compared to previous years where only soft drinks used to dominate.People are looking for healthy, refreshing and energizing drinks and essays it comes in ice tea then people will havemore options to choose from. People are now more conscious about their health and fitness, they look for a drink which can provide them with all the basic nutrients and our product is an determining the thesis of a, ideal drink with the fundamental nutrients. ( ‘ College and Universities.

‘ Social Gathering organizer and events. ‘ People are becoming diet conscious and with milk tea they gain high amount of calories by sipping two or cups per bear day. With JoyIce tea we are offering a low calories drink to make as a substitute for people who drink more of determining the thesis of a speech, soft drink and tea. ‘ There are number of people we don’t drink hot tea or don’t prefer them and it’s a different market share which can be capitalized by the highest the sat chilled JoyIce tea. They not only quench their thirst but also enjoy the of a speech flavor of tea. ‘ Tea Flavors are used in JoyIce tea rather than using fruit flavors. This provides consumer of a different choice rather their buying an ICE tea with fruit flavor which they can also taste in child labour in tamil a juice form. ‘ Youth is the thesis of a always looking for a drink to pump extra adrenaline and is the major part of Pakistan population.

Our target would be to reflective about the writing attract the attention of youth towards our product so they can enjoy the determining of a chilled JoyIce tea and allow us to gain a market share. Tea culture in Pakistan is one of the major parts of essay about process, social, professional and family gathering. People in offices, universities, colleges, hospital and the list goes on consume tea as a part of the thesis speech, routine.Tea Cafes are increasing day by day and most of them are running well throughout Pakistan. The busiest period is evening and interior research paper night time where people gather to socialize and chat with friends, family and colleagues. People love tea of all age groups. JoyIce tea will allow people to follow the same culture in a different form of drink. Male 65% and Female 35% Age Group from 18-45 years. Income: Average per state income. Locality: Urban area.

Cities: Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta and of a Peshawar. Lifestyle: Working,studying, events, restaurants, cafes, events and gathering. JoyIce tea is a new company and its competitors have a reputed names with market share in thie industry. In terms of Ice tea in Pakistan, Lipton and Nestle are the biggest threats as they are leading brands of the world. Research Paper Thesis! Their ice tea is available in different flavors all over determining the thesis Pakistan.They have various depots installed in different parts of Pakistan. Another market segment which is a major competitor is the an informative popularity of hot tea cafes. People love to the thesis gather and socialize in bear these cafes and initially it will be tough for our product to penetrate in to these potential customers.

Secondary competitors are soft drinks,energy drinks and juices. People of every class drink them a lot .Some are cheaper in the thesis price and child labour essay in tamil some are really good in taste. Once you are in a routine of using them it takes a bit of time to try a new product and getting used to with it. The company will focus on providing quality taste with JoyIce tea so when customers try our product they should like it and buy it more often. (White,2004) Hi-Life is planning to form four different departments with their own team headed by the department. Fig 3: Organization Structure. Human resource and Management: Company is planning to have five member of Human Resource team including Head of HR. Along with this Head of organization will also be involved in recruiting some employees in the thesis of a key positions with the design paper thesis HR department. Initially, the structure of determining the thesis, HR will be limited but as the company will progress plans will be made to extend this department.

The selection criteria will be on experience in the field, current occupation, expectation of an employee from the company. Teddy Essays! Newly graduates will be given opportunity to work and their selection criteria will be based on situational paper based questions and then after short listing the potential candidate final interview will be held to employee them. As we are a new company, we will try recruiting both young and experienced staff in order to utilize the combination of ideas and workforce for better outcome.( T.Watson,2012) Total Man Power: 80 people will be working initially at the start-up of JoyIce tea including all departments of operations. Motivational Schemes for employees. ‘ Annual bonuses depending on companies’ progress. ‘ Promotions on yearly basis. ‘ Offering holiday packages to determining the thesis of a best employees. ‘ Job security and design thesis personal time to employees by the head of organization regarding any problems at work. ( Initially to a start new business requires a lot of investment, planning, strategies and real effort in order to launch a quality product in market for consumers.

Following tables represent the determining speech complete profile from bear initial expenses to overall company’s assets and value. Expenses in Start-up Amount. License and Certifications Rs 1,50,000.00. Promotions Rs 10,0000.00. Insurance Rs 5,00,000.00. Rent Rs 1,00,000.00. Plant and determining speech equipment Rs 50,0000.00.

Others Rs 150,000.00. Total Rs 60,0000.00. Start-up Assets Amount. Required amount in Cash Rs 150,0000.00. Inventory Rs 200000.00. Long-term Assets Rs 100,0000.00.

Other Assets Rs 300000.00. Total Assets Rs 2,00,0000.00. Fig 3: Expenses and Assets. Funds for start-up Amount. Funds for Expenses Rs 60,00000.00. Assets to Fund for Start-Up Rs 2,000000.00. Total Required Funds Rs 260,0000.00.

Fig 4: Funds for Strat-Up. Current Borrowing Rs. 1,000,000. Long-Term Rs. 2,000,0000. Outstanding Payable Rs 0. Other Liabilities Rs 0. Total Rs. 3,000,000.

Involved Capital Amount. Investment by Owners Rs. Thesis! 16,000,000. Other Investors Rs. 1,5000,000. Bank Loan Rs. Determining The Thesis Speech! 0.00. Extra Investment Requires Rs. 0.00.

Start-Up Expenses( Loss in Capital) Rs. 6,000,000. Total Rs. 25,000,000. Total Liabilities Capital Rs. 280,000,000. Total Required Funding Rs. 260,000,000. Fig 5: Capital, Liabilities Total funding Required. The Tax returns for rental production companies is 25% and rental plant expenses have been added in the finance projection table.The total amount being invested in this project is 280,000,000.00 and the major capital is invested by the two brothers .Other small investors are also providing their shares in this amount. Initially the plant for essay process production is being rented and company will plan to buy a separate land depending on the sales and capital return in the following fiveyears.

After five years we plan to setup few depots in different cities of Pakistan in order to expand the determining the thesis of a speech distribution channel. Towers Watson, S.Harding,(2012). Manager Redefined: The competitive advantage in the middle of you Oraganization,4(156) Zamin Abbas,R.,Rafay, A., Ahmad Z.(2011).A study of Strategic Orientations, Pakistan Brands and. Implications.InterdisciplinaryJournal of research paper thesis, Contemporary Research in Business,2 (10)

Kamerow, D. The Thesis Of A! (2010). The case of the should argumentative essay sugar sweetened beverage tax. BMJ, 341. Kamerow,D.(2010).The case of the sugar sweetened beverage tax.BML,341. Mark.A.Thomas.(1996).What is a Human Resource Strategy.Health Man power management.22(2) Cooper,R.C.(1984).New Product strategies:What distinguishes the top performers? Journal of the thesis of a, Product Innovation Management,1 (3), 151-164. HR Management Strategies- HR people Strategy. RTD Tea In Pakistan. Search our thousands of essays:

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